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The online tendering platform allows you to call for tenders digitally – by following just a few easy steps. The most cost-effective bid is just a click away on the internet – without having to install any special software! Benefit from a modern, intuitive user interface that facilitates your procurement processes on a daily basis. Enjoy the benefits of the platform today with a free trial!

A free, 30-day pilot phase allows you to explore the advantages of – completely non-binding and without any costs! Our team is at your disposal to help you through the first steps and offer support during the pilot phase. Your feedback at the end of the trial is paramount to help us optimise the platform further. We can also arrange a face-to-face appointment or a web meeting.

If you have enjoyed using the application and are keen to continue reaping the benefits beyond the pilot phase, we will arrange a contractual agreement for further use. If you aren’t interested in pursuing things further, we will have enjoyed our brief partnership and both parties will have gained from the mutual experience.

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