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The easy way for tenders!
RFI, RFQ or e-auctions – agile, cost-effective and cloud-based.


Call for tenders today! RFI, RFQ or e-auctions – agile, cost-effective and cloud-based.

Launch a call for tenders, compare bids, award the contract
100% digitalised on a single platform

Say goodbye to manuals! E-sourcing is user-friendly! is a central, modular tendering platform that is extremely easy to use. You only see what you need to actually use, are kept up to date with a dashboard and can access your tender easily at the click of a button. You can play a role in the design, by inputting your own ideas and requirements. It’s what we call platform thinking – as a future-oriented purchasing expert, you play a pioneering role in the optimisation of the tendering software. And last but not least… you can get started straight away – no need for experience and no starting costs!

What benefits can you enjoy?
Features of the tendering software.


Simple and intuitive

Simple and intuitive:
keep track of your tender!

Easy to use, quick to learn – and integrated straight into your processes! Bringing the purchasing team on board is just as easy as inviting participants, creating items within the tender and sending messages. Once you’ve worked with, you won’t want to be without it!
Fair competition

Fair competition:
suppliers have equal chances

The platform that has been developed and designed by purchasers for purchasers. All your suppliers can access the free tendering solution online. The selected bidders receive a message containing a link, which enables them to submit a bid – conveniently and securely, without the need for a password. The entire process is digitalised – and each step in the process is recorded in the archives. With this solution, your purchasers give all suppliers a fair and equal chance to bid.
Flexible and versatile

Flexible and versatile:
pre-defined text, templates, imports…

Different purchasers need different things at different points in time. The solution is flexibility! You can establish templates, duplicate previous calls for tenders or create a fully customised call for tenders. makes light work of your procurement challenges.
Everything at a glance

Everything at a glance:
reminders, important dates, deadlines

Keep up to date with all calls for tenders and organise the next steps thanks to a clearly presented dashboard. Purchasers can remind suppliers automatically to submit a bid. A simple click will transfer important dates, e.g. bidding deadline, directly into Outlook.
Keeping track of tenders

Keeping track of tenders:
permanent records!

All activity is automatically recorded in the background – with time, date and content. The tender record file can be downloaded as a pdf at the touch of a button. This brings greater transparency, because you can track every activity.
Outstanding support

Outstanding support:
customer satisfaction 24/7

Do you need assistance? No problem! The experts are here to help you! Our multilingual, certified team is available round the clock or during specific customer services hours. We aim to solve at least 90% of issues when you first contact us – with 100% customer satisfaction.

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How do I create a new call for tenders?

How do participants/​ bidders submit their tenders?

How do participants/bidders submit their tenders

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Nagel Group

Thomas Menzel, Head of Corporate Procurement Nagel-Group:

Procurement made easy! “We were looking for a flexible tendering solution – and we found what we were looking for with”

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Warsteiner Group

Madeleine Knoop, Central buyer at the Warsteiner Gruppe:

Bridging the media gap: “The feedback from suppliers was nothing but positive.”


Lars Jankowski,Head of Technical Procurement at bofrost* Dienstleistungs GmbH & Co. KG:

A standardised purchasing process: “It has reduced our workload remarkably.”

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